Tournament FAQ

How do I Register a Team?

I have never registered a team before

Create a Director Profile

A Director of a club creates a profile, Via Director Profile, and from that profile he can add each team to as many different tournaments as he wishes.  The profile will be available from year to year and allows you to track your teams, edit your teams, see your payment status, edit credit card on file, and maintain status of your player profiles.  Each player must register via  Parent Sign Up. 

If you wish to provide an assistant coach or Team Parent access to your profile to check on payment status and player registrations please add them as Coach/Team Admin via Shared Settings.

How do I Register a Team?

I have registered a team before

Re-visit my Director Profile

After creating a Director Profile, you only need to click on "Member Login" in the top left hand corner of the website; enter your username and password.  If you don't recall them reach out to us for them and we'll be happy to assist. After entering your username and password, you will be taken to your profile.  Here you can add teams for the upcoming season; see "ADD" button on the right hand side of the page.

How can I see who on my team has registered?

Visit Director Profile

To see the players on your team who have completed the Player Registration, via the Parent Sign Up, all directors can visit their Director Profile.

Click on "Member Login" in the top left hand corner of the website.  Enter your usernamen and password. Only the person who registered the team can check on the player registrations.  Once on the Director's Profile, scroll down and on the right hand side under your team names you will see a Yellow box with "View your team rosters."  Click on the "click here" and you will be directed to your rosters.  As soon as a player completes his registration he will show on the Director's Profile.

Anyone you, as the Director, designate via Shared Settings, as a Coach/Team Admin can also have access to the list of players who have registered


How do I Register a Player?

Parent Sign Up

See top left hand corner of website

A parent creates a profile, Via Parent Sign Up, and from that profile can add all children participating in Battle on the Bay.  The profile will be available from year to year and allows you to edit your childs information. Each player must register via Parent Sign Up. 

Please login and use that Profile by clicking on "Member Login" in the top left hand corner of the website.  This profile you can use from year to year, for all of your children, for all Battle of the Bay events.

What other teams are in my Division?

Visit 2021 Teams Page

All teams registered for Honor Our Heroes tournament appear on the  "2021 Teams" page on the drop down menu under "Tournaments."  You can filter the entire list by using the filters at the top of the page:

  • Team Name: to make sure all of your teams appear
  • Tournaments: to see who is in same tournament as you
  • Divsision: to see who is in same tournament and same division as you

If you wish to further filter or order the list, click on any heading and the list will sort in that order.

I would like to book Hotels for my team or for just me?

Please visit our Hotels page.  You can see all of the hotels with available in the area. If you don't see what you want/need feel free to contact EPN. Their info can be found on the Hotels page.  If you have additional questions feel free to contact us: 410-224-3232

Will there be food vendors on site?

Yes, we will have food vendors, smoothies, and various other food vendors depending on the site your team is assisgned.  No grilling in permitted at any of our sites.

Are dogs permitted?

Dogs are permitted as long as they are on a leash.  

What are the Game Rules?

Please visit our Game Rules, Seeding, and Policies page

These are tournament specific

Pleases visit the "Game Rules, Seeding, and Policies" page — see link under Details

How are the Divisions determined?

Each Coach or Program Director, the person who registers the team, determines the Division a team will play in.  If we feel the Division selected is inappropriate we will reach out to the person who registered the team and have a discussion.  We, Battle of the Bay, do not select Divisions.

Any player who attended high school, regardless if he played or not, on a U15 team, if age eligibile, must play on a team who plays in the U15A Division. No high schoolers, no one who attended high school may play in U15B.